Introduction to The Four Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

All rights reserved © 2009, 2019 Louis Antonio Abate, D.C.

excerpted from JACM, v15 n5, 2009

The driving premises behind the care I provide call EpiHealing™. Think of EpiHealing as a meta model. There are several components within this meta model. The first of these is “The Four Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing™.”

Within our lives, and particularly, our healing, there are four unique rhythms or periods we undergo. These are referred to as the Sacred Seasons, and they include Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate. The seasons are not correlated to the seasons of the year or the developmental seasons of our lives, although they may happen to correspond to those times. Here they relate to our readiness for reorganization. In this respect the Sacred Seasons don’t necessarily have to be sequential, however they do appear to be universal in human experiences and represent moments or periods in life.