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The Duomo di Milano

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

All rights reserved © 2014, 2019 Louis Antonio Abate, D.C.

A few weeks ago I had the prosperous fortune to be able to work at both The Gate™ and the Ultimatum™ programs in Italy. These two extraordinary programs were set just north of Milan on beautiful Lake Como.

While there I took a trip into Milan and went up onto the roof of the Duomo (the main cathedral in Milan.)

I was so excited! Ever since I learned about this church in 10th grade I have been fascinated with it's architecture and the 2,200 statues that watch over and protect the external structure; not to mention the additional 1,300 statues that pay homage to the Divine inside the cathedral.

While walking up to the roof I was aware of the energy of the marble structure. At one part of the stairs the marble was clean and you could see it's natural beauty. The feeling of the energy at the part of the bannister was incredible. It was buzzing, humming, and felt like thousands of carbonated bubbles tickling my hand.

As the stairwell made it's turn I noticed another part of the bannister was still covered in years of soot, pollution, and dirt. I could still feel the energy of the marble, and yet the feeling of the energy here was muted and muffled. It felt like an announcement on the NYC subway at rush hour--a jumbled, muffled mess.

So I began to think how this is exactly what happens in our bodies when the nerve system has years, or layers of 'dirt' built up on it. Information and wisdom passing from the brain to the body, or from the environment to the brain via the body is muted or muffled, sometimes even jumbled because of the layers of tension, stress, overwhelm, fear, etc that you've experienced and have yet to digest are distorting the messages.

This is like the 'telephone game' we used to play, as children, with 2 cans and a string. I loved talking to my twin brother on it and when he would reply I would use my hand to grab the string, thus altering the communication--mostly so I could say "what did you say?!" I couldn't hear him when holding the string because my hand prevented the string from vibrating thus preventing the sound waves from being propagated.

When your life experiences are not fully perceived, processed, digested and assimilated they cake up on the nerve system just like dried up bits of mustard clogging the bottle spout. Therefore, all your nerve system and brain can hear are muffled half-words and incomplete sentences. When the information is not passed on correctly, or received correctly the body's innate wisdom is to send more messages, louder and faster hoping that the proper message will then be received. Just like you squeezing  the mustard bottle harder hoping to blow out the obstacle and thus getting some mustard on your sandwich. This is one of the causes (the other being an abatement of the messages getting through)  of all illness, dysfunction, and disease. The brain shouts louder and louder and the body is still saying "what did you say?"

NetworkSpinal™ entrainments and Somato Respiratory Integration™ allow the brain and body to focus its energetic resources, the parts it can hear clearly. This allows new neurological pathways to develop that allow the brain and body to clear out the old stored stress, tension, illness, fear and disease patterns.

Come in today so you can shine like the newly cleaned Duomo of Milan.

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