The Duomo di Milano

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

All rights reserved © 2014, 2019 Louis Antonio Abate, D.C.

A few weeks ago I had the prosperous fortune to be able to work at both The Gate™ and the Ultimatum™ programs in Italy. These two extraordinary programs were set just north of Milan on beautiful Lake Como.

While there I took a trip into Milan and went up onto the roof of the Duomo (the main cathedral in Milan.)

I was so excited! Ever since I learned about this church in 10th grade I have been fascinated with it's architecture and the 2,200 statues that watch over and protect the external structure; not to mention the additional 1,300 statues that pay homage to the Divine inside the cathedral.

While walking up to the roof I was aware of the energy of the marble structure. At one part of the stairs the marble was clean and you could see it's natural beauty. The feeling of the energy at the part of the bannister was incredible. It was buzzing, humming, and felt like thousands of carbonated bubbles tickling my hand.

As the stairwell made it's turn I noticed another part of the bannister was still covered in years of soot, pollution, and dirt. I could still feel the energy of the marble, and yet the feeling of the energy here was muted and muffled. It felt like an announcement on the NYC subway at rush hour--a jumbled, muffled mess.