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Why is this work so different?

What is wellness?

Wellness is that state in which you feel that you are relatively invincible, nothing can ruin your day, you feel alive, vital, confident and experience a high state of well-being.

It is about the internal experience of your body, the power to create constructive healthy choices, and therefore the ability to gain pleasure from life and be well.


Most of us assume that our circumstances equal our reality which then equals the cause of our pain.  The reality is that, in the comprehensive view of our life, our circumstances don’t determine our happiness, joy, or health. Ultimately, the quantity of energy we have accessible, and type of energy used determines the end result.

Symptoms and disease are a call for something more

Symptoms and disease are a call for an upgrade. They are meant to interrupt your life and tell you what your body and life needs. Your body's wisdom is requiring that you stop your usual way of using energy and information and therefore the way your approach life

When the body perceives an experience as difficult, frightening or overwhelming, the information is fragmented, and stored by the body and the field around us. Over time, this defense strategy needs additional energy to maintain the displacement of the fragmented information and can compromise your body and mind, leading to illness. As additional energy becomes accessible you thrive and reach higher levels of integrated or coherent expression of health and life. You transcend most ideas of healing, become more resourceful and therefore more capable to impact your environment and others too.


With EpiHealing® strategies, the previously bound-up energy becomes integrated and available for healing yourself and liberated into the Field to inspire others.

Donny Epstein Louis Abate NetworkSpinal Illuminare Wellness

A new paradigm for wellness

NetworkSpinal® and Somato Respiratory Integration® sit within an avant-garde paradigm of wellbeing that is not defined by whether or not you have a symptom, disease or illness.

This new paradigm, as layed out by Dr. Donny Epstein, is termed EpiHealing®,  and has been developed based upon over thirty years of academic research and extraordinary healing results.  It links leading edge science, body-mind-spirit understandings and applications with centuries old wisdom. Guiding the advancement in patient care, our focus is on helping you develop strategies that improve your wellbeing with energy-efficient living. 

Working together, I don't want to restore you to the way “you used to be.” The EpiHealing® strategies that I use help you to participate more fully in life, advance your functioning to where you are no longer simply defined by illness, prior limits and lab results, so that many of your prior concerns (and the energetics that supported them) are exchanged for a more authentic, upgraded, and vital you.

We believe that you are more than your illness, disease, symptom,

or condition. 

All symptoms and disease have as a vital element the necessity to use energy more effectively so the body's innate wisdom can create additional powerful strategies for you, your body, your life, and the way you impact others.

Dr. Donny Epstein, Founder and developer of
NetworkSpinal and Somato Respiratory Integration™, AlchemE™,®

What was once a wound now can become a gift!

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