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The Season of Transform

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

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Cherry blossoms. One of the first signs of the transformation from winter to spring

In the last article we talked about the overall concept of The Four Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing™. Each of us moves through these seasons at given points in our life and each season has it’s own unique outlook on life and produces it’s own experiences.  For example, we all know that if we plant seeds in the winter while wearing a swimsuit we will have a very different experience and different outcomes than if we planted those same seeds in the spring, and wore the swimsuit in the summer.  Swimming in the ocean during summer months will produce a markedly different physiological bodily experience than if we joined the Polar Bear Club and jumped into icy waters in the middle of winter.

The Seasons of Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate, while they may seem to have similarities to our seasonal cycles of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, also have differences.  The similarities include the specific conditions of the season that will dictate specific actions and structures that will produce success.  The major difference though, is that unlike the climate seasons, there is no specific fixed time period.  An individual may be in a Season of Wellbeing for a short period of time, or for many years

The Season of Transform is where we take all that we have garnered in Discover and actually do something with it. Something that will not only change our life for the better, but also our experience of our life.  This is the first time we actively take responsibility for how our life has been, and also for how it will be. Instead of running away from the past, from the pain we we have been experiencing, we acknowledge that the running away only dooms us to repeat it—and usually it worsens with each pass.  We recognize our past as our heritage not our destiny.  Since the past now is our inheritance we realize that there is no longer a need to replay the content of who did what to us and why in order to heal.

We no longer point fingers of blame outward. We admit that in all the experiences of life (especially the ones we don’t like) we are the only common denominator. Instead we focus on all the times we have dropped our standard, said ‘yes’ when we meant to say ‘no;’ we focus on the times we went with the status quo because it was easier than standing up for what we know to be true deep inside of ourselves. All those internal resources (such as power, courage, strength, wisdom, health, happiness, etc) that we thought were stolen from us by other people, events or circumstances we now notice were not stolen from us, but given away by us. Now, it is no longer acceptable to drop our standard. It is unacceptable to live less than playing fully. Instead of running away we are now running towards something greater than what we have been experiencing. In Transform we take inventory of every story, rule, or condition we have lived under and recognize how they served us at one point, and how they may no longer serve us. By the end of the Season of Transform we comprehend that we had to give the resource away, in order to fully feel it’s absence, so that when we get into the Season of Awaken it is our commitment to ensure that no other Soul will feel the absence of that resource.

While in the Season of Discover we look for excuses and blame, we run from pain, hardship and adversaries; the mantra of our lives is NO pain. In the Season of Transform we invite the pain, the difficulty or the adversary.  Because now we know that the only way out is through.  In Transform we identify as a mighty oak who first had to breakthrough the hard outer shell of the acorn, and then be buffeted by winds, storms, insects and other challenges in order to reach high into the heavens. Our motto know is know pain, know gain!

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